YLG mentoring

If you don’t have a mentoring culture in your organisation you are missing the key to exceptional development.

It works – from a survey of Yorkshire companies into which a venture capitalist had placed mentors free of charge, over 85% of the respondents said they would subsequently pay for mentoring, coaching or non-executive services.

Our activity includes working on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programmes with Said Business School at Oxford University; the work focuses on the leaders of businesses with high growth potential and Denis Kaye has been a growth expert for each cohort since the first programme was launched in 2010.

Clients benefit from a structured approach to decision making, prioritisation of their activities and accountability to someone else which is so often lacking in the SME world.

Mentoring makes sense at all stages of development. As well as working with SME leaders we often work with new Board members, or new partners in professional firms. The transition from doing and managing technical work to being a fully functioning member of an executive management team is often difficult, and we can provide some external support through that transition.

We also work with a number of associate mentors and coaches to ensure that our clients have a mentor who is most appropriate to their needs.