Workshop topics

The following list is just a taster from the many varied and interesting workshops held at YLG meetings:

Positive thinking

Marcus Child inspires his workshop audience to view the world positively and thus enables them to tackle issues with a ‘can do’ attitude and to succeed. Powerful and life changing – he even makes you change your language to avoid all negative thinking.

The future for business

Futurologist David Smith of Global Futures & Foresight shared his well-researched views on social and demographic changes that are going to impact on our businesses. If you think that’s easy just think back a decade and see how different the world of work was then!

The art of persuasion

Business author and psychologist Philip Hesketh shared his five keys to persuasion, five things to save and make money, the reasons people buy, the reasons people don’t buy and his formula for value for money. Best advice of all was his two secrets of happiness and the purpose of life.

Marketing judo

Marketing guru Richard Richardson who’s best known for his work at Harry Ramsden’s where, with John Barnes, he created an international business from a famous small town fish and chip shop. Richard explained the techniques an SME can adopt to punch well above its weight; he has written a book called ‘Marketing Judo’ on this topic.

Dealing with the downturn

Alastair Dryburgh takes a sideways look at the responses that are typical when it is hard to win new business. He provides sound common sense approaches that enable SME directors to use the data held in their businesses to do better business.


Ayd Instone showed us that we are inherently much more creative than we believe. He says that our education and training system militates against creativity and provided us with some tools to release our own creative juices.

Pricing strategies

Cliff Burgin explained the psychology and the reality of pricing. It is a much more complex process and much less objective than any accountant would ever tell you! Cliff gave a range of examples that could be adopted and adapted by SME directors.